Celebrating Irish Heritage in Columbus, Ohio

"Still, the indomitable Irishry."


Éirinn go Brách

The Shamrock Club Pipes and Drums is the official pipe band of the Shamrock Club of Columbus.  The band has performed at parades, music halls, festivals, competition fields, and pubs in Central Ohio since 1964. Today, the band is composed of musicians from all walks of life, all sharing a passion for the music of the great highland bagpipes.


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Shamrock Club Pipes and Drums

Our History

In the early 1960s, the members of the Shamrock Club of Columbus began discussing their dream of a grand Irish pipe band, which would represent the Club and the Irish community of Columbus.  In March of 1963, Shamrock Club of Columbus officer Patrick Joseph Canty made a motion that $0.50 of each $2.00 annual dues be put aside to purchase uniforms and kilts for the formation of such a pipe band.  The motion passed and thus started the Shamrock Club Pipes & Drums.

On March 17, 1964, the physical presence of the Shamrock Club Pipes & Drums took to the streets with a single piper, Francis Patrick McGuire, leading the parade. The following year McGuire would be joined by piper Dave Hartigan. In March 1966, the “Drums and Pipes of the Shamrock Club of Columbus” had arrived. Among its members were Patrick McGuire and Dave Hartigan on pipes, Tom Enright on snare, Bill O'Conner on tenor and Chuck Bell playing bass.  Bob Black was next to join and a great asset to the band over the years. Bob would soon take over as pipe major and leading the band through the late 1970's and 1980's.  The Shamrock Club Pipes and Drums has had many great members of the Columbus piping community enter and influence its ranks over the years. Bob Ryan, Dave Gettinby, and John Rechnagle were influential pipers in the band.  Drummers the likes of Ed Cotter, Roger Brown and Tom Enright all provided leadership and guidance as well as helping it keep the beat.  Mic Trenor, who was pipe major for over a decade and remains a  member of the band, has left a significant imprint on the band through his leadership and instruction of pipers. 

Today, the vision of a grand Irish pipe band is alive and well under the leadership of Pipe Major Tom Hastings.  The band can be found performing at a wide variety of events in Columbus, as well as competitions throughout the region.